TIEC | 20 – 21 July 2017, Crystal Palace Luna Park Sydney | 25 – 26 July 2017 MCEC, Melbourne


Agents of Change

The inaugural Travel Industry Conference, “Agents of Change,” will inform and inspire delegates to shift the way they think about their business in order to recognise their own value, and increase their customer base. A stellar line up of speakers from inside and outside the industry will discuss big picture trends, key skills development, latest industry tools and best practice case studies.
Delegates will gain a clear vision and renewed passion to become change agents for the travel industry.

2017 sessions include:

  • Good morning Mr Mandela
  • Meet the Australian holiday goer – who are they & what do they want?
  • Loyalty Programs – what’s the point?
  • How one organisation saved millions by empowering their employees to deliver exceptional customer service
  • How to use Instagram like a pro
  • Making change work for us
  • Path to profit
  • How to achieve ongoing positive change in your life – the power of perspective
  • Trust – mindset – courage

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Registration opens, tea & coffee served



Speaker: Trent Zimmerman MP, Federal Member for North Sydney  

Speaker: Jonathan O’Dea, – Member for Davidson


Speaker: Zelda la Grange, Presidential Aide to Nelson Mandela

Zelda la Grange will share her experiences and lessons learnt from 19 years as Presidential Aide to Nelson Mandela. Her unique outlook on life, inspired by one of the greatest statesmen of our time, is a captivating story.

In line with the conference theme, Zelda will speak about Nelson Mandela’s methodology of changing one person at a time. He is known globally for the great changes he instigated.
Zelda will share anecdotes of her experiences to convey lessons related to discipline, leadership, respect, integrity, honesty and transparency.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to listen as Zelda shares her stories about how serving Nelson Mandela for 19 years, has had an impact on her life forever.


Speaker: Anthony Dennis, National Travel Editor – Fairfax Media

You sometimes wouldn’t know it from the scandalous headlines devoted to Australians in strife overseas. But the Australian traveller has emerged as among the most wanted (in the nicest possible way) on the planet.

In the past 10 years, the world has well and truly – and rather belatedly – discovered the value of the Australian traveller; an increasingly inquisitive traveller who holidays reguarly, spends more, stays longer, and, who, in the main, is (those shocking headlines aside) a joy to have around.

Today, Australians as a nation take nearly 10 million trips a year overseas and, per capita, Australia boasts the greatest market penetration for cruising in the world. And surveys of discretionary expenditure by Australians tell another story: “travel” has been steadily rising up the list of what we most choose to spend their money on. A holiday is now not just a mere recuperative break but an investment in who we are and who we can be.

It’s a remarkable journey.


Morning Tea


Speaker: Adam Posner, CEO, The Loyalty Point

Loyalty programs are everywhere with businesses of all sizes seeking to motivate more “loyalty” to their business, be it with or without a program. Yet, there is still confusion on what loyalty is and is a loyalty program the answer?

This topical presentation will provoke you to consider a view on loyalty and loyalty programs with insights on the Australian loyalty landscape backed up the latest Australian benchmark loyalty research study – ‘for love or money 2017’.

A best-practice methodology will also be shared to give participants a practical starting point if a program is on their agenda.


Speaker: John O’Neill, Managing Director & Strategy Lead – Komosion

We all know the old saying ‘the customer comes first’ – but do we believe it? In this session John O’Neill will discuss the concept of ‘perfect customer service’ and the positive impact improving your customer’s interactions with your brand and service offerings will have on your business.

John will take us through his unique Customer Experience Design process and explore the advantages of personalising your service to more than meet your customers needs.

12:20pm - Sydney

Sydney ONLY Speaker: Anna Jones, Principal – 257 Consulting

Customer Experience has quickly become the new buzz word in business but implementing CX programs across legacy brands is no easy task. According to Harvard Business Review, the 3 main reasons CX programs fail is because they are not designed with real change in mind, they have “soft metrics” and they fail to link back to brand purpose.

Addressing these pitfalls and successfully navigating often tricky stakeholder management is critical to success.
In this session, we’ll discuss how to uncover the CX opportunity across your brand and how to link back to hard business growth metrics. We’ll also dive into different ways to engage stakeholders and challenge legacy thinking about the role product and experience play in modern business.

12:20pm - Melbourne

Melbourne ONLY Speaker: Peta Granger, Australasia Director – LUSH

LUSH Australasia was recently named the winner of Retailer Awards Customer Experience Initiative of the Year Award in 2017, alongside record breaking sales growth over the last 4 years. Lush Director, Peta Granger will explain Lush’s role as a campaigning company and the link between profitability, ethical business practices and engagement.

Peta has led Lush’s campaigning strategy, focusing on people seeking asylum, climate change and LGBTI rights. She is passionate about empowering staff, transparent supply chains, challenging traditional beauty marketing and using the business to become a force for social change.



Lunch - Network + visit the exhibition


Speaker: Mark Mcinnes, Australia’s #1 social seller – Sales ITV

The way people buy their products and services today has changed dramatically. People are increasingly looking to social media and to their ‘networks’ to find safe vendors and suppliers so that they can feel comfortable in making purchasing decisions for both personal and professional items.

At the same time, LinkedIn has become the world’s fastest growing professional network with almost 500 Million members LinkedIn is a vehicle that can be very influential in helping you to both grow more clients as well as retain those you already have if you know how.

Mark uses LinkedIn to drive revenue for his business as well as helping other companies of all sizes to do the same, with a combination of LinkedIn and traditional selling strategies.

In this very ‘HOW to’ session, Mark shows us what he does to drive real sales results using ‘Social Selling’. Bring a note pad as there will be lots of good takeaway strategies for you to use.


Speaker: Lauren Bath, Director – Lauren Bath Services

My ‘How To Use Instagram Like A Pro’ workshop first came to life over two years ago when I realized that many of my clients didn’t properly understand the platform when hiring me to work on travel based campaigns. Since then it has gone through many revisions as I continue to isolate the most important factors of running a pro Instagram account.

The version that you will see at the Travel Industry Exhibition and Conference has been fine tuned to give you the best Insta-knowledge at my disposal to kick start your own travel based Instagram accounts. I’ll tell you where these accounts can lead you and, most importantly, how to get the numbers working for you and where Instagram sits in the marketing matrix.


Afternoon Tea


Speaker: Richard Sauerman, The Brand Guy – Brandcraft

Change is one of those areas in business that will always take you out of your comfort zone. There is no precedent. There is no instruction manual for dealing with a world that’s changing as fast as ours. It’s scary and unpredictable. It’s also exciting, and filled with opportunity and possibility.

When it comes to dealing with change you have three choices:

1. You can choose to fall behind change.

2. You can choose to keep up with change. (most people choose this option)

3. You can choose to drive change, and make it work for you.

Making Change Work For Us is about taking you out of your comfort zone, seeing and embracing change as a positive thing in your life and work, and taking the first steps to becoming an agent of change i.e. a person who changes the world.

This interactive presentation is a 45-minute journey that will use the concept of Brand YOU to challenge the limitations of what participants believe about themselves, what they think and feel about change, and what they are able to do and achieve as agents of change.

5:00pm - 7:30pm

Networking drinks + canapes on show floor


Exhibitions & Trade Fairs (the Organisers) reserves the right to alter key note speakers, session presenters or the conference program timetable and delivery without notice due to unforeseen reasons. Neither Exhibitions & Trade Fairs nor the Conference Program Manager accept any liability for any loss or inconvenience caused to any attending delegate under such changes.


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