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Can you be an expert on every destination?

Posted on May 10th, 2018 in Blog, News

What type of mobile travel agent are you: an all-rounder or a destination expert?

It’s not easy to be both. But when you have the right connections, and put in the research and the air miles, you can get a detailed and current picture of places you’ve visited less frequently… or never been at all.

It’s always a tricky prospect trying to sell experiences you haven’t experienced yourself. Here are some tips for working around that, and an alternative approach.


Follow trusted bloggers

If you keep a travel blog and post on social media about your travels, you should really be checking out what other people are saying too.

By following the blogs and video diaries of respected travellers – professionals and non-professionals alike – you can pick up ideas about how to present your own content and become familiar with destinations and experiences you haven’t had the chance to try yourself (yet).

More importantly, travel bloggers are reporters on the ground who can give you the real scoop on how world events are impacting on travel, how prices are changing, which destinations are the rising stars and which are past their prime.


Pool your knowledge

Working for yourself doesn’t mean you’re out on your own. Talking to fellow travel agents will give you the chance to share your experiences and hopefully get fresh insights in return, whether you’re connecting online in forums and social networks or face-to-face on FAM (familiarisation) trips.

Conferences and exhibitions can also be a gold mine of information on the latest trends and new airlines, destinations and experiences that you might get to hear about before they become public knowledge.


Join a home-based network

If you love working freelance but you miss the camaraderie of the office, joining a network of travel agents could be the answer and can have many benefits.

One of the perks is it can give you access to dedicated specialists when you need some personal insights into a destination you’re less familiar with, or local contacts to help you get discounted rates for your clients.


Focus on your strengths

The other option is: don’t fake it, and only sell experiences you can personally vouch for. If your personal travel passions happen to be trending and profitable right now, becoming an expert on what you love most can be the most rewarding job there is.

Your niche market may be a single destination or a type of experience available in a range of places. If you’ve already got the knowledge, the experience and the photos to prove it, don’t be shy about it – establish yourself as a leading expert in the field ,and you might not have to worry about appealing to anyone else.


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