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Posted on July 25th, 2018 in Blog, News

Lord Byron came to Dubrovnik on his way to Greece and called it the Pearl of the Adriatic as early as the beginning of the 19th century while George Bernard Shaw said, „those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik“. It can be said that these two historical marketing messages have marked Dubrovnik’s tourism over the years since, putting Dubrovnik on the world tourist map and urging travellers to come see this chiselled Mediterranean urban treasure for themselves. History is alive in every part of this city- it represents a perfect cross between the past and the present. Every nook and cranny of this Pearl of the Adriatic, as it is known, hides a treasure. Every building and every monument has its unique value. The historical city is surrounded by monumental wall, 1940 m long, which preserved its original appearance and is open to the visitors as the main attraction of Dubrovnik. Since 1979 Dubrovnik is in UNESCO register as protected World heritage. Dubrovnik is a city for all seasons. Each season in Dubrovnik has its own distinctive charm.


Dubrovnik always offers you ample opportunities to explore and enjoy. Its rich history, geographic location, mild climate and traditional hospitality and excellence in tourism make Dubrovnik a recognized high quality product on the international tourism markets. Dubrovnik is the city of festivals. The variety of cultural events on offer lies at the heart of many a visitor’s decision to come and enjoy the unforgettable Dubrovnik evenings to the strains of virtuoso musicianship coming from the atriums of the city’s palazzi all bathing in the moonlight reflected on the still, resplendent patina of the Adriatic. Every summer the polished stone slabs in Stradun show the reflection of world-famous persons. Dubrovnik has been a popular filming location in recent years. The Game of Thrones television series has been shot in Dubrovnik since 2011. The Star Wars: Episode VIII film was shot in Dubrovnik in 2016, while the Robin Hood: Origins film was filmed in 2017. The Bollywood film Fan with one of the most famous indian actors Shah Rukh Khan was also filmed in Dubrovnik. All these popular serials and films are bringing more and more fans to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is definitely the Croatia’s best export brand, based on tradition, historical treasures and the knowledge and experience of its inhabitants.


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