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Mobile Booking Platforms – The key to revolutionising your service offering and gaining a competitive edge in the lucrative tours and activities travel niche.

Posted on July 25th, 2018 in Blog, News

Australia is currently experiencing its largest tourism boom with international tourist arrivals reaching a staggering 8.9 million in the past year. It is beefing up its tourism sector in preparation for 2020 when global tourist spending on tours and activities is projected to reach $183 billion.

With the advancement in technology and the changing trends in the way people book travel experiences, online travel agencies (OTAs) are reaping the rewards. Industry giants like Expedia, Viator, GetYourGuide, Klook and City-Discovery are beginning to dominate post-arrival and in-destination bookings in Australia. Many smaller players have also popped globally, all wanting a fair share of the lucrative market.

While Australia’s travel tours and activities market present an enormous opportunity for increased revenue, brick-and-mortar travel players like hotels, resorts, travel agents, and cruise liners are not capitalising on the increased revenue opportunity.


Staying relevant in the mobile booking era

To generate more revenues from a travel industry sector that’s generally considered by many as a small earner, traditional travel players should consider what could be improved in their product and service offerings. In the past, these businesses relied on tour desks, concierges, brochures, word-of-mouth and email marketing to sell a limited range of tours and activities operated by your most trusted suppliers.

To stay relevant, travel businesses should analyse what OTAs are doing right. Yes, all the major players in the online travel space have mobile booking platforms. And it doesn’t take rocket science to figure that one out.

OTAs know that travellers are turning towards their mobile devices to plan and book their trips and activities. Research findings have revealed that when travelling, people tend to search for local experiences using their smartphones and tablets 33% of the time and that almost half of those who search online for the prices of travel products using their smartphones access aggregator websites.

Moreover, each one of them has a strong online presence so that people can easily find them, use their websites, and download their mobile application, eventually leading to lost revenue opportunities for traditional travel businesses.

According to, 40% of the 6 million attraction bookings generated by GetYourGuide in 2017 came from mobile transactions, while mobile accounts for 70% of Klook’s total bookings in the same year. Clearly, we are in an era where travellers prefer to book their travels through their mobile devices, particularly through mobile applications. They want the flexibility and convenience of being able to browse through travel products and book experiences that appeal to them on-demand. Hence, there is a need for the right tool to respond to consumers’ changing needs and preferences.


The Travezl Mobile Booking Platform

At Travezl, we understand that although brick-and-mortar travel businesses want to attract more bookings for tours and activities. Therefore, we have done the legwork for you by providing an intuitive mobile booking platform that will allow you to offer well-curated travel products to your clientele. We will take care of everything – from research to bookings, and supplier relationship management – so all you have to do is market it as your own and focus on growing your business.


Enhancing User Experience

Our team of travel experts understands that for you to sell tours and activities effectively, you must be able to provide your customers with a consistent high level of service. Thus, we designed the Travezl mobile application with the travellers’ changing needs, preferences, and behavioral patterns in mind and have created a solution that will enhance your customers’ travel experiences and exceed their expectations.


Easy to use. The mobile booking application we created is easy to use and ensures an efficient onboarding experience from the moment users download it.


Time-saving. We understand that consumers have grown increasingly impatient over the past decade that’s why the Travezl mobile application is designed to reduce search effort. By using the application, they will have instant access to a wide range of high-quality travel products, eliminating the need to scour the web for information on local tours and activities.


Convenience. The Travezl mobile booking application allows users to browse and book local tours and activities at their leisure and even when they are on the move.


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